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The Secret to a Small Space’s Long Run

The restaurant’s draw is hardly mysterious. It has a sparkling bar; a handsome dining room with mirrors that reflect the glints coming off candles and glassware; efficient service and, not least, carefully crafted dishes offered at moderate prices.

Rating: Very Good

"An in-spot in Bronxville, this grown-up New American brings SoHo dining to Westchester.”


Bronxville bistro your best brunch bet

“For 20 years now, it’s been tucked among Pondfield Road’s busy shops. A new visitor to Bronxville might not even notice Underhill’s Crossing were it not for the mainstay bistro’s two outdoor tables. And that would be a shame — as regulars know well, Underhill’s is a gem.

As reliable as it is for dinner or a cocktail, Underhill’s is a haven for brunch.”


“As upscale and sophisticated as many restaurants in Manhattan, Underhills Crossing is a bright, convivial spot with the air of a New American bistro.”
It’s a sign of a restaurant’s quality when, three weeks later, I can taste the food as I describe it. That’s how vivid the food is at Underhills Crossing in Bronxville.”

Underhills Crossing to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

— My Hometown Bronxville

Today the restaurant is more French and American with a hint of Mediterranean influence. The restaurant serves fresh food every day and offers a lot of seafood. He explains that as far as food trends go, a healthier and cleaner approach is followed, with 85% of the food being organic and wild.

He believes that music is an important part of the overall dining experience, so for the 20th Anniversary, he launched live piano music. He brings in local artists, like Rick McDonald, who plays Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Katya, who highlights special programs on Sundays.

The restaurant continues to win the Open Table Diners Choice award in Westchester. Twenty years ago, he helped to start “Better Than Cooking, “an evening to benefit Jansen Hospice & Palliative Care. Outsiders have told him that Underhills Crossing has always set the platform for new businesses to open in the village.

The Best of Bronxville for the Holidays

— The Pelham Post

For over 20 years, Underhills Crossing has been one of the Village of Bronxville’s most notable restaurants, drawing favorable attention from both locals and visitors. The “speakeasy” piano bar, with a variety of pianists playing Wednesday through Sunday, is a popular place to meet friends for a light bite along with a libation from the specially created “speakeasy” cocktail menu.

Great menu selections are available for lunch and dinner: an amazing rawbar and shellfish tower assortment are available year-round, the “Chef’s Grill” selection is comprised of prime, dry-aged steaks, hearty pasta dishes abound, including gluten-free, and there is a nice variety of beautifully prepared meat and fish dishes, including a specially selected “Market Catch” highlighted each day.

Raw Bars Thriving in Season


With the days growing shorter and colder, we are reminded that the darkness and the falling temperature are the price we pay for living in the beautiful Northeast. Yet at this time of year, oyster lovers rejoice. Restaurants with raw bars bustle at their blackboards, chalking up the oysters of the moment and standing by to add the names of those that will soon be ready for harvest.

Underhills Crossing
Small, handsome Underhills Crossing stocks Fanny Bays, Kumomotos and Long Island’s Pine Islands throughout the year.

Ingredients are top notch and timing is careful


A pleasing opening touch to the meal was the basket of excellent assorted breads proffered for individual selecting. . . . As for the food, ingredients are top notch and timing is careful.. . . . Main dishes are the strong suit here, from light pastas to hearty red meats. For dessert, blackberry Cabernet sorbet and cinnamon and vanilla ice creams were extraordinary.

The Best of Bronxville for the Holidays

For over 20 years, Underhills Crossing has been one of the Village of Bronxville’s most notable restaurants, drawing favorable attention from both locals and visitors.
The Pelham Post