We Appreciate It!!

Thank you!!  Service was great!!  We appreciate it!!  Love the pineapple vodka!

Lunch on April 15, 2023


Love the new decor!  Underhills has always been an exquisite restaurant but the redesign has made it to a higher & spectacular level.  The servers, bartender and hostess were so wonderful!

Dinner on April 21, 2023

Love, Love, Love

Great lunch.  Love, Love, Love the Elderflower Cosmo

Lunch on October 6, 2022

The Best!

Excellent food and service!  The best in town!

Dinner of September 11, 2022

Gets Better & Better

Your service and ambiance just gets better & better.  Always a wonderful time.

Dinner on September 10, 2022


We come here regularly since we were served by Adam for lunch months ago.  We love everything; every aspect of what you have to offer.  Waitstaff, cuisine, ambiance, piano.

Dinner on April 15, 2023


Service was on point; very attentive waitress.  Food, dessert and drinks were impeccable!  Thank you!

Dinner of October 11, 2022

Lovely Restaurant

Lovely restaurant, great indoor dining room, great piano music.  Very good service.  Very good food.

Dinner on September 15, 2022

The Best

Our server – the best.  Thank you for not treating vegans like second class people.  We will be back x100.

Susan & Jeremiah
Dinner on September 24, 2022

Always A Pleasure

Excellent food, service and atmosphere!  Always a pleasure!!!  5 Stars *****

Dinner on October 2, 2022


The food was amazing.  We will be back soon 🙂

Lunch on October 14, 2022

Service A+++

The hostess was lovely and accommodating as my party of 3 did not have a reservation.  Fab dinner & desserts!  Service A+++

Dinner on October 14, 2022

Official Family Restaurant

Feel so welcome and part of the family.  You’re our official family restaurant.  Had a lot of laughs.  Good was great, cocktails.  Maître D’ was very friendly.  Thank you.

Dinner on November 27, 2022

Presented Beautifully

Our server was absolutely wonderful!  She was courteous, informative and very attentive.  Served always with a lovely smile!  The food was very delicious; it was served at the perfect temperature and presented beautifully.  We will definitely be back!

Dinner on November 29, 2022

Another Wonderful Dining Experience

Another wonderful dining experience at Underhills.  Brunch was delicious.  The wine perfectly complimented all courses!  Thanks to the team for a great afternoon.

Dan and Bill
Brunch on March 13, 2022

Wonderful & Perfect

It was a very wonderful lunch.  The service was perfect.  Thank you to our server!

Lunch on September 29, 2022

Details Set You Apart

There are many fine restaurants, but its the details that set some apart.  Underhills Crossing gets the details right.  Great place.

Dinner on November 21, 2022

Most Amazing Lunch

Our server was the best!!  Everyone of the staff does their best!!  So accommodating!!  Kitchen delivers the most amazing lunch.  Thank you always!

Lunch on November 21, 2022

The Short Ribs and Filet Mignon!!

The service was splendid.  Our server was very sweet and welcoming.  We will definitely be coming back…especially for the short ribs and the filet mignon.  Love it!!!

Dinner on December 1, 2022

A Special Birthday

The service was great!  Thank you, guys, for making my birthday special!!

Dinner on May 15, 2022

Very Enjoyable

Excellent service.  Food was enjoyable.  Server was a pleasure.

Dinner on April 15, 2023

Love It Here!

Amazing service.  Great food.  Love it here!

Lunch on April 16, 2023