My Heart

Pineapple vodka has my heart!

Dinner on July 28, 2023


Excellent food, fantastic service.  Every time we eat here, it has been consistent.  Kudos to the Chef and staff.

Iris & Pedro
Dinner on July 5, 2023

Excellent, Gracious, and Kind

Excellent food!  Gracious and kind and professional staff!  Great day!

Mary Lou
Dinner on July 4, 2023

Extensive, Unique, Lovely

Extensive wine list, unique menu, lovely location

Dinner on august 22, 2023

Beautiful Ambiance

Excellent service.  Food of great quality.  Portion sizes were perfect.

Dinner on July 2, 2023

Another Wonderful Afternoon

What a wonderful lunch!  Service was excellent.  Food incredible!  Another wonderful lunch and afternoon at Underhills Crossing

Lunch on July 23, 2023

Made Our Day

Delicious brunch!  Our server tended to every detail.  Great Service.  Made our Day!

Brunch on July 4 2023

Fabulous in Every Way

Food, staff and service were extraordinary!

Lunch on July 2, 2023

A Tina Turner Song

Lovely, Delish lunch!  Beautiful surroundings!  Great waiter!

The best!  Simply the best, better than all the rest!

Lunch on August 9, 2023


Food excellent.  Staff Phenominal

Dinner on June 3, 2023

Like Home

As usual, excellent.  Feels like home.  Love this place.

Dinner on August 11, 2023

Great Options

So amazing.  Great gluten free & vegan options.  Thank you.

Dinner on August 12, 2023

There Are Good People In The World

Shout out to Underhills Crossing Restaurant.  I wanted to tell you guys about how nice they were to me.  A door hit my leg coming out of a store with my son.  I was walking down the street bleeding and asked them for a napkin.  Not only did they bring me one, the waiters washed my wound with peroxide, and gave me a bandage.  I wasn’t even eating there, just passing by. – Yelena

“They are top notch, top class always!  The best.  Steve and his staff are beyond amazing – Christina

Absolutely amazing.  Underhills Crossing always goes way above all our expectations.-Bill

Bronxville Moms & Dads (Non Parent Residents Too)
Wednesday, August 2, 2023